Monday, November 19, 2007

Thing 11

Because I enjoy a variety of books so much, I think that I'm going to like using very much. I'm a registered user of it and I've begun my catalog with a list of the books that my book discussion group read and discussed during 2007. You're able to see those discussed books by going to the following link. .


More about Thing 10

I decided that I wanted to generate another image because I'm not completely satisfied with the first one. The invitation to my book discussion group about which I spoke in my last post doesn't satisfy me because it's little more than one of those e-mail greeting cards (although I did find it by using one of the suggested image generators supplied in our directions for the "23 Things"). So, I went to another of the suggested generators and created my name (Bob) with Chinese characters. To see it, you may click on the link that is on the bar to the left of this post.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Thing 10

I used an online image generator to create an invitation to my monthly fiction book discussion group in the library. I was told that is a fine generator to use to create online images, so I went there where they have a tremendous amount of choices. There's a big variety of all kinds of images. So, I created my invitation on a piece of delftware. The images that you are able to create range from the crazy to the sublime to the funky to the elegant to the tasteless to the tasteful to the odd to the attractive.


P.S. If you'd like to see the image that I created with the generator, copy and paste the link that's below.

Thing 9

This "thing" showed me some tools to help me to find newsfeeds to add to my newsreader ( I explored the tools that were suggested to me:, technorati, feedster, and I liked the best. I found the others to be a little overwhelming. I gave my zip code in order to get news that's "close to home" for me. But; instead of using these tools to help me to find newsfeeds, I think that I will simply find newsfeeds by going to sites on the internet that I consistently enjoy and then subscribing to their feeds. In other words, now that you've made me aware of RSS, I will look for the RSS icon on the web pages of sites that I enjoy and find interesting and I will subscribe to them then if I'm so inclined. However; I realize that, by using one or more of the tools that I listed above, I may find sites of which I've been unaware and that's usually fun. I have subscribed to MERLIN'S newsfeed because MERLIN is a good way for me to be aware of what's happening in Maryland's library community.


Thing 8

For this "thing", I am asked to learn about RSS
(Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary).
It is a way to publish updates from a variety of web sites at once in a summary format. An RSS document contains either a summary of content from a web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for me to keep up with my favorite web sites in an automated manner that's easier than checking each and every web site manually. So, to subscribe to an RSS, I went to Now I will be able to learn in a handy format when my favorite web sites get updated. RSS saves time because now I don't have to visit every site to learn about updates. I only have to go to one webpage ( and get the news that's waiting for me there. It's useful because it organizes updates into one website. It's convenient gathering tool for those who like to explore multiple websites and blogs. Maybe a public library could could use an RSS to put out information about new books and other materials, events in the library, and possibly notify patrons when items are due or are on the "hold shelf" for them.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Thing 7

For this "thing", I am asked to blog about anything that's related to technology.

I have never been one to jump on new technology's bandwagon. Sometimes I want to learn about new technology, but I've never been the "first on my block" to do so. I'm usually hesitant because I think that it's going to be something for which I won't find a use or that it simply won't interest me. Although I'm confident in my ability to learn new things, I've always felt that technology regarding computers is my weakest subject. I think that I learn many things quickly; but, in the world of technology, I feel that I am a slow learner. However, I don't keep a "chip on my shoulder" in this area or any other one. For that reason, I've often been pleasantly surprised. For instance, I found that I was genuinely enjoying my exploration of Flickr.

I became a librarian before HCPL had access to the internet. That's an example of a subject that I thought was going to overwhelm me a decade ago, but now I feel very comfortable "surfing the net" for so much information that personally interests me. As well, I enjoy teaching patrons of our library how to find information on the internet and how to use e-mail.

All of my knowledge has come from Maurice Coleman, Annette Gaskins, and Maxine Rising. (I listed them alphabetically.) All of them have made me feel that I'm just as smart as them and have made me feel very comfortable. All of them seem to truly espouse the adage that "there isn't any such thing as a dumb question". From simply knowing Irmgarde Brown, I feel that she is the same king of teacher; but I've never had a chance to be in a class with her.

After my blog for my fifth thing, someone posted a few words of encouragement. I truly appreciate that.

So, I'll continue to work my way through the 23 things. It will be nice if I complete them in time to get an mp3 player. That's a piece of technology that I've never touched for the reasons that I mentioned above. At first glance, I think that I don't need it or won't find it useful or that it won't interest me; but, I'd bet money that, after I play with it for a while, I'll really like it. Remember, that I'm one that uses his cellular phone in the most basic, rudimentary fashion.


Thing 6

In this "discovery exercise", I am asked to explore some mashups. Mashups are applications on the web that mash together data from more than one source to form an integrated experience.
For instance, the maps from are combined with the information about real estate from to create a mashup.
I found a mashup,, which mashes together maps and reviews of restaurants. Supply a zip code and you'll be given reviews of restaurants in the area.
Another, completely different mashup that I used, is Flickr's Color Pickr. It helps you to find Flickr's images that match specific colors. I got there by going to I chose one that I like to put on my computer's desktop. It's at the top of this blog.